Institutional Investing

Sharing of Knowledge Learning Series 2018

April - May 2018

Halifax | Ottawa | Saskatoon | Regina | Winnipeg | Montreal | Quebec City | Edmonton | Calgary | Vancouver | Toronto

Discovering potential through a new lens

This year marked the 15th year of TD Asset Management Inc.'s (TDAM) Sharing of Knowledge Learning Series. Our cross country symposiums focused on identifying potential through a "new lens" and featured thought-provoking presentations by lead investment specialists from TDAM.

Imbalance Game 2.0: A Tale of Two Productivities

Imbalance Game 2.0 advances the framework outlined in TDAM's original Imbalance Game and reveals that while the current productivity measure reflects demand-side malaise, it underestimates technology-driven bright spots on the supply side of the economy. This article helps us to better explain and invest in the current environment. Click here to read the article.

Two Paths, One Destination:  The De-risking Dilemma

In today's investment landscape, pension plan sponsors are being faced with the decision to either de-risk internally or fully transfer pension risk. This article discusses a number of considerations to help pension plan sponsors decide which path to take. Click here to read the article.


    November 20, 2019