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Sharing of Knowledge Learning Series 2016

The Imbalance Game: Stumbling from one crisis to the next

Now in its 13th year, TD Asset Management's annual Sharing of Knowledge Learning Series (SOKLS) was recently held in 11 different cities across Canada and included some of the leading and most respected industry experts in the country. This year's event, entitled The Imbalance Game: stumbling from one crisis to the next, focused on some of the challenges that investors are faced with in today's environment. The series provided thought-provoking perspectives on what TDAM believes are the true macroeconomic challenges of our time; while at the same time, highlighting TDAM's new thinking and innovative strategies to help clients meet their objectives in a challenging economic environment.

This year's Sharing of Knowledge Learning Series featured the following sessions:

The Imbalance Game: Stumbling from one crisis to the next
The presentation focused on the challenges of investing in today's market.  While it may be difficult to predict with certainty the next "crisis," understanding the imbalances driving markets and economies can help investors navigate the current and upcoming market environment.

Perspectives from the CIOs via video - Bruce Cooper, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, TDAM and Bill Priest, CFA, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chief Investment Officer, EPOCH Investment Partners Inc.
The CIOs from TDAM and Epoch offered their perspectives, via video, on how investors can better protect their capital, while at the same time pursuing growth opportunities.

Panel Discussion: Succeeding with the boundaries of the Imbalance Game
In each city, a panel of Portfolio Managers led a discussion focused on the boundaries of the Imbalance Game. Not only did it provide valuable pieces of advice to attendees, the discussion generated thought-provoking dialogue among attendees in every city.

Whitepaper: The Imbalance Game: Stumbling from one crisis to the next
This year's Sharing of Knowledge Series was modelled after a whitepaper with the same name, authored by Michael Craig, Amol Sodhi and Haining Zha of TD Asset Management. The Imbalance Game: Stumbling from one crisis to the next, looks beyond traditional theory when it comes to investing in today's market. The paper suggests that when analyzing the behavior of economies and markets, people often focus on cyclical booms and recessions. However, investors need to be aware that there is a lot more at play than just economic cycles, particularly in today's environment. The paper delves into the cruxes of today's economic challenges and analyzes how a debt super cycle has been created and what investors can expect going forward.

The Toronto event was featured in two separate callouts on Benefits and Pensions Monitor Magazine website, featuring sound bites from Robert Pemberton and Michael Craig of TDAM.

Event sound bites from attendees:

"Excellent topic and presentations"

Quebec City:
"Excellent presentation.  Thanks to everyone from TD who was onsite"

"Well done! I liked the panel discussion and hearing all the different viewpoints on equity/fixed income/asset allocation"

"Great event that TD brings to Halifax.  Great venue -- enjoyed the speakers & hosting of panel.  Great job by all - great to hear from TD Leaders"

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