Institutional Investing

Sharing of Knowledge Learning Series 2019

April - May 2019

Halifax | Ottawa | Saskatoon | Regina | Montreal | Quebec City | Vancouver | Edmonton | Calgary | Toronto | Winnipeg

Finding Port in a Storm: Achieving Stability Amid Market Turbulence 

2019 marked the 16th year of TD Asset Management's (TDAM) Sharing of Knowledge Learning Series. TDAM, once again, travelled across the country to facilitate discussions on industry issues that affect many in the institutional investment world.

This year, our presentations focused on seeking to strengthen institutional portfolios for long-term success through a renewed emphasis on risk-adjusted returns. With investor angst on the rise, we discussed how the integration of public and private asset classes, and advancements in equity portfolio construction, can assist investors in navigating these challenging markets.

Quantitative Equity Investing: Navigating Today's Uncertain Markets

Most investors have enjoyed strong equity returns, paired with modest volatility, for a length of time that has few historical precedents. However, nearly a decade after the end of the financial crisis, investors are now exhibiting heightened sensitivity to the prevailing macroeconomic environment; and its impact on financial markets. With uncertainty on the rise, we believe investors should re-evaluate the risks inherent in traditional benchmarks and turn their attention toward aiming to achieve better risk-adjusted returns. This article will discuss how various factor investing styles can position investors for long-term success, and how strategies that can provide a smoother return profile have become even more attractive going forward. Click here to read the article.

Alternatives: Diversifying for Long-Term Success

Given a low yield, low economic growth environment globally, many investors have continued to look towards alternatives as a means of generating more favourable risk-adjusted returns. Against this backdrop, real assets, such as real-estate and infrastructure, have emerged as important considerations in building portfolios with a long-term focus. This article will showcase the potential opportunities available to both pension plan sponsors and endowments/foundations through an allocation to real assets, while examining the potential benefits of each through a portfolio construction lens. Click here to read the article.

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