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TD Emerald Canadian Short Term Investment Fund

Investment Strategy

The portfolio of the Fund consists of a selection of high quality Canadian debt instruments, including commercial paper, bankers' acceptances and treasury bills.

The portfolio manager employs a disciplined approach to fixed income management, seeking to maximize current yield and reduce risk. This is an active fundamental approach with a focus on the extensive use of independently researched credit, and yield curve analysis in order to enhance returns beyond the defined benchmark. This investment approach is designed to consistently add incremental value regardless of the direction of interest rates.

The Fund only invests in investment-grade bonds and buys only R-1 rated commercial paper or higher.

Investment Objective

The Fund's objective is to preserve capital, maintain liquidity, and earn a high rate of interest income.

Who Should Invest

The Fund may be suitable for short to medium-term investors who are contributing to the income component of a diversified portfolio and can handle small changes in the value of their investment.

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Fund Facts
Asset ClassCash Management
Management PhilosophyActive Fundamental
Inception DateJuly 04, 1991
BenchmarkFTSE Canada 91 Day T-Bill Index
NAV($) / Yield (%)9.7494 (As of January 23, 2020)
Distribution DateDecember 18, 2019
Income Distribution0.0108
Capital Distribution0.0000
Total Distribution0.0108
AUM (in millions)2,747.89 (As of December 31, 2019)
Distribution FrequencyMonthly

*Rates of return are time-weighted, reflecting income during the period but do not include any deduction for management fees.

1 M3 MYTD1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y10 YSince Inception

*Performance as of December 31, 2019. Year To Date - performance based on most recent month-end data.

*Benchmark is FTSE Canada 91 Day T-Bill Index

Note: Fund performance is before fees but after expenses

Yearly Performance
January 26, 2020