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Welcome to the TDAM Talks Institutional Podcast with your host, Mark Cestnik, Managing Director, TD Asset Management

TD Asset Management (TDAM) brings new thinking to your most important challenges.

The TDAM Talks Institutional podcast series explores the most current and relevant investment topics, providing institutional investors with new insights and innovative ideas from our leading investment professionals.

Hosted by Mark Cestnik, Managing Director and Head of Institutional Distribution, the TDAM Talks Institutional Podcast will air monthly with a rotating roster of guests including TDAM's most experienced Portfolio Managers.


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November  2019

1st Edition: The evolution of the Corporate Bond Market – Implications and Opportunities | Featuring: Robert Pemberton, Managing Director and Head of Fixed Income at TD Asset Management  


TDAM Talks Institutional with Mark Cestnik

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In this inaugural edition, Mark Cestnik sits down with Robert Pemberton to explore how the corporate bond market has changed over the past decade, as well as the potential inherent risk and opportunities that institutional investors face today. 


Discussion Points:

  • The main sources of compensation for risk in the corporate bond space (1:08)
  • The influences shaping the Canadian corporate bond market (2:55)
  • TDAM views on the impact of geopolitical risk on BBB credit fundamentals, as well as how we evaluate and manage against downgrade risks (7:00)
  • Some of the opportunities emerging in the corporate bond market (11:15)
  • What should institutional investors consider focusing on going forward (13:15)   


December  2019

2nd Edition: Infrastructure Investing for Canadian Institutional Investors


Coming soon




January  2020

3rd Edition: Sustainable Investing 


Coming soon



February 2020

4th Edition: Machine Learning


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March 2020

5th Edition: The Case for Commercial Mortgages 


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April 2020

6th Edition: Opportunities in Real Estate


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