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TD Asset Management's private debt team offers a yield-enhanced, investment-grade solution for fixed income portfolios in today's low interest rate environment.

In today's low-yield environment, fixed income investors seeking additional yield are fairly limited in their choices.  Non-investment-grade bonds, mezzanine lending and subordinated debt are viable options, however they also come with a higher degree of risk.

Against this backdrop, and as a natural extension of our fixed income capabilities, the new TDAM private debt funds offer investors, who don't require liquidity, a broadened universe of investment solutions through access to diversified, fully hedged global investments.

The team will focus on higher quality investment grade products leveraging niche sourcing expertise in key asset classes including P3, Infrastructure, Power and Real Estate. Our new funds offer clients the ability to improve portfolio diversification through a strategy which has the potential to earn higher yields without sacrificing credit quality.

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    October 15, 2019