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Low Volatility Strategies

For decades, TD Asset Management has developed risk-reduction solutions for institutional investors.

We were the pioneers in bringing low volatility equity strategies to Canada in 2009 with notable success. We have continued to innovate toward our goal to deliver the best risk-adjusted returns.

Low volatility strategies are based on a simple but powerful fact: A low volatility equity portfolio can produce competitive returns with up to 30% less risk ¹.

Simply put, some of the least volatile equities have produced some of the most impressive returns over time. At TD Asset Management, our proprietary risk models and our team of portfolio managers harness this phenomenon to help our clients pursue the returns of domestic and global equity markets with significantly less volatility.

To learn more about the low volatility equity strategies, please take a look at the resources below:


¹ Based on simulated and live returns of 30 years of Canadian equity history and 21 years of global equity history ending December 31, 2019. Actual returns may vary.

    August 08, 2020