Institutional Investing

Our History

Distinct from Canada's other major investment management firms, TD Asset Management was primarily built through mergers and acquisitions. This means we've grown based on our clients' needs and so has our ability to provide seamless, integrated financial solutions with depth and breadth of expertise.

Our history is closely tied to The Toronto-Dominion Bank, one of Canada's oldest banks, whose story dates back more than 150 years.

Supporting Canada's Growth  

Beginning in 1855, "TD" provided essential services to Canada's young grain industry.

Over the years, we supported major national developments: as financiers of railway construction in the 1880s to our support for the emerging resource, utilities and manufacturing sectors throughout the 20th century.

By the 1980s, TD continued to enter new businesses such as international money market trading and commercial real estate.

At the time of incorporation, in 1987, Toronto Dominion Securities Inc. was established to provide corporate, treasury and investment banking services to corporate clients. In 1990, the Institutional Indexing Group was formed within the investment management division, with a mandate to manage assets on behalf of institutional investors.

Marking a New Century

To mark the start of the 21st century, Toronto-Dominion Securities Inc. was reorganized, separating the broker-dealer, which was renamed TD Securities Inc., and the investment manager, which was amalgamated with Lancaster Investment Counsel Inc. to form TD Asset Management Inc. (TDAM), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD Bank).

TD Asset Management acquired AMI Partners Inc.'s Quantitative Capital and Private Capital divisions. The Quantitative Capital division was combined with TDAM's Indexing/Quantitative division to form TDAM Quantitative Capital. The merger enhanced TDAM's ability to deliver state-of-the-art indexed, quantitative and structured solutions to our clients.

In 2000, TDAM and CT Investment Management Group Inc. amalgamated and continued as TDAM. In the same year, TDAM, Greydanus, Boeckh & Associates and Harbour Capital Management Inc. amalgamated under the TDAM name. The acquisition enhanced TDAM's position as Canada's pre-eminent provider of quantitative asset management services.

In 2004, the Private Investment Counsel division of TDAM was rebranded and organized as a subsidiary of TDAM. The company is now called TD Waterhouse Private Investment Counsel Inc. and is a separate registered entity.

Today, TD Asset Management is among Canada's top ranked global investment management firms with leading institutional solutions in Canada and the U.S.

Our future is directly linked to satisfying our clients' needs for innovative solutions that span our professional expertise. 

    August 08, 2020